News from the Southeast

New Huntsville, Alabama Division of Natural Resources and Environmental Management Director.  (April 3, 2017) Scott Cardno was selected as the new Director of the City of Huntsville's Division of Natural Resources and Environmental Management, effective April 1, 2017.  Scott previously served as Deputy Director of NREM.  He studied chemistry at the University of Huntsville where he was on the rowing team.  Scott has approximately 27 years of experience with the City.  He also has previous experience as a contractor with a major aerospace company.  He is married and has a son and daughter.  Scott still enjoys rowing and he competes in several sprint triathlons each year.   

Huntsville, Alabama Director retires.  (March 31, 2017)  Danny Shea, Director of the City Of Huntsville, Alabama's air pollution control program, retired March 31, 2017.  He worked for more than 35 years for the City of Huntsville in its Natural Resources and Environmental Management Division, the last 22 years as Director.  He served in the past as an officer of Metro 4 and as a member of the Board of Directors.

New North Carolina Division of Air Quality Director.  (March 16, 2017) Mike Abraczinskas was appointed Director of North Carolina DEQ's Division of Air Quality, effective March 16, 2017.  He had been serving as Acting Director of NC DAQ since February 6, 2017.  Mike is a graduate of North Carolina State University where he studied meteorology and atmospheric/environmental sciences.  He worked in the private sector for 18 months on MACT standards and has been employed by NC DAQ since November 2000.

New Mississippi Air Division Director.  (February 1, 2017) Chad LaFontaine was appointed to serve Director of the Air Division in Mississippi DEQ's Office of Pollution Control, effective February 1, 2017. Chad has more than 22 years of experience as an environmental engineer at the agency, most recently serving as Interim Manager of the Chemical Manufacturing Branch in the Environmental Permits Division and Manager of the Greenhouse Gas and Energy Branch of the Air Division.  His service to MDEQ has included work in the areas of compliance and enforcement, air permitting, regulation development, and emergency response.  Chad has a BS in Chemical Engineering from Mississippi State University and is a licensed Professional Environmental Engineer.

Mississippi Air Division Director retires.  (January 31, 2017) Dallas Baker, Director of the Air Division in Mississippi DEQ's Office of Pollution Control, retired January 31, 2016.  Dallas served as Director of the Air Division and on the Board of Directors of SESARM for the past two years.  Previously, he served a long stint in the Environmental Permits Division.

Announcing new Florida air agency Director.  (December 5, 2016) Jeff Koerner was appointed Director of the Florida Division of Air Resource Management, effective December 5, 2016. Jeff replaced Justin Green who is now Director of the Division of Water Resource Management.  Jeff served most recently as Deputy Director of DARM.  Prior to his time at the state agency, Jeff worked for the Palm Beach County Health Department as well as in the private sector.  He has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Florida and is a licensed Professional Engineer. 

Announcing new Air Program Chief for Miami-Dade County, Florida.  (November 16, 2016)  Bernardo Bieler was recently named Chief of the Air Quality Management Division in Miami-Dade County’s Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources. Bernardo has served for the past year as Chief of the Air Facilities Section of the Division.  His educational background includes a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Zulia in Maracaibo, Venezuela, an MS in Water Resources from the University of Miami, and graduation is pending for an MS in Transportation and Project Management from Florida International University.  He has over ten years of experience in the private sector including time in the coal mining industry and as a storm water drainage and roadway design engineer.  He was an adjunct professor in the engineering department at FIU for more than six years.  He is a registered professional engineer in the State of Florida.

Announcing new Air Program Manager for Jacksonville, Florida.  (October 17, 2016)  Michael C. Williams began his service as Manager of Jacksonville's Air Branch October 17, 2016. Mike is a graduate of Colorado State University from which he earned a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering.  His work experience includes engineering, sales, and management in the petroleum, hazardous waste, and nuclear fuels industries, and as an environmental consultant, private investigator, and business owner.  Mike assumes the position most recently filled by Steve Pace and will report to Melissa Long, director of the Environmental Quality Division.